ArtScape 2018

ArtScape 2018

In July 2018, BYA set up and ran a free, public Screenprinting Station where ArtScape visitors learned how to print and created messages related to youth advocacy, justice, and the justice system. BYA Studio Apprentices, Team Leaders, and Program Assistants developed each design and managed the tent, working with over 300 people over the three day festival.

This project was supported by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts


Support the Truthworker Theatre Workshop for Baltimore Youth

+What we are raising funds for: 

Baltimore Youth ArtsWriters in Baltimore Schools and Baltimore Dance Crews Project are raising funds for Truthworker Theatre Company to run a workshop for 30-40 of our program participants on Friday, April 6 at OpenWorks.


+What funds will cover:

1. A performance and workshop for 30-40 youth participants from our three programs.

2. A workshop for youth currently held in the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, the city's youth detention center.

In both workshops, 12 members of the Truthworker Theatre Company  will put on a performance and follow it up with a talkback and activities inspired by Theater of the Oppressed.

+Who is Truthworker? 

Truthworker Theatre Company is a hip-hop based theater company for high school and college-aged youth in Brooklyn, NY that uses hip hop and theater to raise awareness about racial, gender, and economic inequity. They have a series of pieces that explore the impacts of mass incarceration - interrogating the school to prison pipeline, solitary confinement, recidivism and family dynamics after being effected by state violence. 


Truthworker Theatre Company-BAR CODE

IN|PRISM: Boxed In & Blacked Out in America

+More about BYA, WBS, and BDCP

Baltimore Youth Arts

"Our mission is to assist youth in gaining creative, personal, and educational skills that will enable them to become leaders in their communities. BYA uses the arts to engage youth with the goal of building long-lasting, mentoring relationships. "

Writers in Baltimore Schools

"WBS partners with Baltimore City Public Schools to deliver Common Core-aligned curricula in the form of weekly writing groups, which meet in-school or after-school."

Baltimore Dance Crews Project

"Through hip-hop dance, we initiate and strengthen relationships that support youth from school to career."

A big THANK YOU to Open Works for offering us space for this workshop to take place! Learn more about OpenWorks and all that they offer!

1 Week Until BYA First Art Auction & Halloween Fundraiser!

NEXT FRIDAY, join Baltimore Youth Arts for our First Art Auction & Halloween Fundraiser!

Come out in your best (and scariest) costume and support BYA as we raise money for our new Youth Gallery! The night will feature music by DJ Spotify, a photo booth to capture your best poses and face painters to transform you into a beautiful butterfly or ghoulish beast. Screen print a poster and get your future read by youth!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy artwork from amazing local artists! Proceeds from purchases will go towards our fundraising efforts to support the Gallery. Learn more about the artists and their amazing work here.

Be sure to tune in to The Artist Exchange live broadcast of the event on

A HUGE and special thank you to Blacksauce Kitchen, Lebanese Taverna, Lagunitas Brewing Co,  Peabody Heights Brewery and Giant Food for their contribution and donations!  

We can’t wait to see you all next week at 6:30pm! You can purchase your tickets here or at the door! College students under 21 will receive a 50% discount at the door!

Disclaimer: Do not wear a racist costume, you will be turned away.


If you like what you taste at the party, click below to learn more about these generous and delicious restaurants and breweries!

blacksauce kitchen

Lebanese Taverna

Peabody Heights

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Artists Showing in the 1st Annual BYA Art Auction and Halloween Party

Below are the artists who will have work on display for the Art Auction on October 27, 2017! We are so honored to be able to show the work of these amazing local artists in BYA's first event in our expanded space within Platform Arts Center! 

Check out some of their work!


Khadija Nia Adell  

Shan Wallace

Jerrell Gibbs  

Megan Lewis

Alex Ebstein 

Dave Eassa 

Jesse and Katie

Markele Cullins

June Culp 

Brad Zeigler 

Margo Elsayd

Dre Britton 

James Bouche 

Rachel Hayden 

Shonta Watson IG: @aspire_by_tay

Louis Abbene-Meagley 

Richard McCarter 

We are Honored and Blessed!

In the past two weeks BYA shared page space with so many friends, collaborators, inspiring artists, community workers, and businesses! Our cheeks hurt from cheesing so hard at the excitement of it all!

BmoreArt #4

BYA was featured in BmoreArt's 4th issue, which explored the idea of Community. A good portion of the BYA #squad was photographed in Gallery CA during our last exhibition, "Young, Black and, Gifted," that youth collaborated on with Shan Wallace. We are so excited to be alongside the others who are featured in this magazine- get yourself a copy HERE.

Baltimore Youth Arts. L to R: Brittany Newman, Alexis Brandford, Da'Shawn Vass, Briontaye Newman, Kendrick Woodson, Tay Spearman, and Gianna Rodriguez

Baltimore Youth Arts. L to R: Brittany Newman, Alexis Brandford, Da'Shawn Vass, Briontaye Newman, Kendrick Woodson, Tay Spearman, and Gianna Rodriguez

City Paper

YESTERDAY we found out that we received "Best Artists" in City Paper's final "Best Of" : ( We were beyond honored to get this news and it gave us a good push to keep making the things we are making! 

Congratulations to Shan, Platform Gallery, Malcolm Peacock, Ginevra Shay, Press Press (neighbors!), The Walters (neighbors!), Jessica Hyman, Dovecote, Cafe Andamiro (the cafe started by our future Gallery Coordinator, Bomin), Red Emma's, Ryan Dorsey and everyone else!

It warms our heart to see all of y'all doing your thing <3

We are all so sad to see City Paper go. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you <3

L to R FRONT: Kendrick,&nbsp;Da'Shawn, Marketa, Tay, K  L to R BACK: Gianna, Leisha, Jonathan, Amoni, Daydrin

L to R FRONT: Kendrick, Da'Shawn, Marketa, Tay, K

L to R BACK: Gianna, Leisha, Jonathan, Amoni, Daydrin

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.39.24 PM.png

Young, Black, and Gifted THIS FRIDAY!

Young, Black and Gifted is this Friday! Come check out Baltimore Youth Arts and Shan Wallace at Gallery CA!

Peep (and purchase!) some new dope work created by youth artists!


About the show:

Young, Black, and Gifted's purpose is to demonstrate the talent of young black artists in Baltimore. The youth artists of Baltimore Youth Arts want to show Baltimore in a more positive light to address the stigma of youth of color and change the narrative that isn't reflective of their true identity.

SHAN is an award-winning photographer, writer, and freedom fighter from East Baltimore. Merging her journalism degree from Bowie State University with her love for photography, SHAN's work focuses on the experiences, identities and struggles of black life. 

Baltimore Youth Arts (BYA) is an artist-educator run, after school program that provides arts and job readiness programming to youth, with a focus on those involved in the juvenile justice system. Our mission is to assist young people in gaining the creative, personal, and educational skills that will enable them to become leaders in their communities. BYA uses the arts to engage youth with the goal of building long-lasting, mentoring relationships. We believe that the arts are a path towards social, emotional, and educational development. 

Thank you to the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts and to Family League of Baltimore for their support of BYA programming within the 2016-2017 school year. Without them this event would not have been possible.


Pre-order Gathering, Issue 2!

Gathering, Issue 2



Gathering, Issue two is so close to being released! This publication is a compilation of work created between July-December 2016 by youth artists across multiple BYA sites. 

Gathering is one platform that BYA offers youth artists to show their work to the greater community.  All proceeds made from the sale of the book will fund future programming and publications, and ensure that all youth participants receive a copy of their work and the work of their peers. 

Gathering, Issue 2 was made possible by the generous support of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts.

40 pages, 8"x10", full-color

For pre orders: book will ship in the second week of April

Rest in Power, Dasean

This morning the BYA community woke up with some very sad news. A BYA youth staff member, Dasean, lost is his life last night. Dasean started our program in the fall and blessed us with his talent. He had a knack for painting and graphic design and was a talented hip hop artist. We are going to miss him so much. Please send your thoughts and intentions to the youth who were close to him. 

Rest in Power, Dasean

Dasean's family has a fundraiser to help with burial costs. Please donate what you can to make this time a little easier for his family. Click here to donate

On the Record: Youth, Art, and That First Job


Painting, poetry, photography, sewing, even songwriting. These are some of the arts activities that Gianna Rodriguez and the organization Baltimore Youth Arts bring to young people across Baltimore. Baltimore Youth Arts, which is run by artists, provides artistic and professional opportunities to teens; it tries to empower them to become leaders in their communities. Gianna Rodriguez, who started Baltimore Youth Arts, has just received a community fellowship from the Open Society Institute Baltimore. Like the nine other fellows, Rodriguez will receive $60,000 over the next 18 months to fund a local project. The nonprofit Open Society Institute focuses on the needs of Baltimore’s underserved communities, and Gianna Rodriguez’s project focuses one such community: formerly incarcerated young people who have returned to their communities.

Listen here:

Last Week of Summer Employment!

Wow, what a summer! We are 20 deep in a small space on a day that feels like 104 degrees and we couldn't be happier. To think that it is the final week of programming and still have so much going on…

On Tuesday Megan Lewis, a muralist from Baltimore, came and gave a talk about her practice.  She even stayed to give feedback on some of their art that is currently being exhibited at their gallery show “What’s Up Now?” at Gallery CA (up until Aug 26th).  The Baltimore Sun was also here taking photos and interviewing the kids. 

Bryan Robinson, of Black Genius Art Show, and Malcolm Peacock, a local visual and performing artist,  came through on Wednesday and shared their work with us. We are ending this week and the summer with a trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art…Do you see what I mean?!

A WAY OUT: Collaborative Show with BYA and Free Space @ Platform Gallery

Join us for A WAY OUT, a show featuring work made by BYA and Free Space Participants opening at Platform Gallery on Saturday, April 30.

Flyer Designed by BYA participant using title suggestions from youth an adults across all Blank Page Project teaching sites.

Flyer Designed by BYA participant using title suggestions from youth an adults across all Blank Page Project teaching sites.

The Blank Page Project is an artist educator-led initiative that provides arts programming to youth and adults, with a focus on those involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.  Our mission is to create opportunities, both within and outside of correctional institutions, which allow participants to gain creative, educational and personal skills. We believe that the arts are powerful tools for social change, personal discovery, and community building. They allow us to imagine and work towards a world that is free of oppression. Due to the distinct needs of participants, the Blank Page Project is comprised of two separate programs: Baltimore Youth Arts and Free Space.   

Baltimore Youth Arts (BYA), is an arts and entrepreneurship program for youth, with a focus on those involved in the juvenile justice system. BYA’s aim is to assist youth in gaining the creative, personal, and educational skills that will assist them in becoming leaders in their communities. BYA offers weekly programming at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, the Lillian S. Jones Recreation Center, and the BYA Community Studio. We also offer special programming at the Thomas J.S. Waxter Children’s Center, the Alfred D. Noyes Children’s Center, and Gilmore Homes. In addition to regular classes, BYA invites local artists and entrepreneurs to share their work and processes with youth participants.

Free Space, BPP’s adult program, operates within the following institutions: the Maryland Correctional Institution-Jessup, the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women and Dorsey Run Correctional Facility. Participants are given access to time, materials, and classes that foster self-expression and offer an alternative to prison culture. Weekly classes create a safe space for incarcerated individuals utilizing the visual and literary arts while encouraging individual and collaborative growth. Free Space also invites visiting artists to introduce participants to new creative skills in hopes of helping to prepare them for post-incarceration.

This exhibition highlights artwork that was created by multiple artists, ages 3-60,  within the program over the past year. Painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking come together to exemplify the immense talent and vision that these individuals possess, even while the majority of them spend days in settings that stifle creativity, individuality, and self expression.

**To maintain anonymity for detained youth and select adult participants, some of the artist’s are not credited beneath their pieces.

For more information about The Blank Page Project:

Thank you to the following supporters who have made this event and all Blank Page Project Programming possible:

The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation
The Contemporary
Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts
The Open Society Institute - Baltimore
The Family League of Baltimore
The Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation
Maryland State Arts Council
The Gutierrez Memorial Fund

Meet the BYA facilitators!

Meet BYA's current facilitators!  They are talented and patient and caring and have been creating spaces of experimentation and collaboration in the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center and the Thomas Waxter Children's Center.  Check 'em out!

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