SAP in Spotlight: Taylor Williams

I’m Taylor, 17 years old and I’m a senior in high school and I started working at BYA in February 2019.

My favorite class at BYA has been graphic design because it has taught me a lot about technology and bringing designs to life. I have worked on projects like creating an album cover for Silver Rain, a musician who is finding their way in life and also recreated our favorite album’s cover. I redesigned a logo from my favorite designer, Shane Justin.

Below are some recent designs i’ve thought about, when I think of designs I think about what I would want to wear, and hope to show others that everything doesn’t have to be violent or discouraging to be wearable or promoted.

This summer I worked on designs of my own, such as, t-shirts, tote bags, and fanny packs. I learned how to perfect and spiral book bind at Press Press. We also worked on a mural at Hostel International Baltimore, designing and painting the Maryland flag in the game room in the basement.

The completed mural!

The completed mural!

My overall experience at BYA has been great, and educational. My creative skills have heightened and I am confident enough to further my skills, and show my designs to the world.

Taylors Mockup.png