SAP in Spotlight: Bryon Oliver Bishop

Hey, my name is Bryon Bishop, I am 20 years old, and I am graduated! I’ve been at BYA for a good week. I say good week because even though it’s only been a week, it’s been a real good time so far. My fellow studio apprentices are a weird and artistic bunch, and I love that we can be crazy together. I’m a part of the Mixed Media Team this summer at BYA. My instructor is Bomin and she is really cool because she appreciates my constant jokes throughout the day. She knows a ton about Mixed Media so we’re learning a lot.

I chose to join her Mixed Media Team because I’m specifically interested in graphic design. I took my first graphic design class sophomore year of high school and really liked it because of my teacher, who was very passionate about the art and friendly. My love for video games is what has kept me going with graphic design since. I still remember my first assignment was to redesign olympic pictograms for each sport.

So far, in the first week, the Mixed Media Team has already done a lot and been a lot of places around Baltimore. On Monday we had an intro to mixed media, graphic design, and screen printing. On Tuesday we went to the Baltimore Hostel International (HI), where we will be painting a mural over the summer, to inspect and measure the area. The hostel is a really cool place and has some really large uno cards…we got distracted with those for a good 30 mins! On Wednesday, we focused on our own independent art, (Thursday was July 4th so we were off) and then on Friday, we went to Press Press to learn how to make our own books, both spiral bound and perfect bound. I definitely want to go back sometime soon to make more books with some more cover ideas I have.

As for what I’m looking forward to this summer, I can’t wait until Artscape when I’ll get to actually sell my art and hopefully get some feedback from people. I think this job at BYA as a studio apprentice is great because I get to go out and do what I love to do, while getting paid for it. I think more people should get out and look for jobs like this! In the future, I want to become a well-known graphic designer and also hope to meddle a little bit in film and photography. You can follow me and my art on instagram @bryonbishopdesigns, I have a new piece being revealed soon so look out for it!