Getting to Know Vy

Hi it’s Taylor again! Interesting day at BYA, I interviewed Vy, who is a student from MICA’s MFA program and is facilitating screenprinting and mural design at BYA. During the interview, I learned what kind of person Vy is, kind, goofy and eccentric. The questions were based off what popped in my head, such as, some strengths that she has, some improvements and failures that she may have experienced in life.

Some professional strengths she has are her way to communicate effectively, be able to communicate assertively and hold accountability for her responsibilities, which is a great trait to have in the world. Some creative strengths she has are working with mediums and willingness to learn and adapt, looking forward to learning about new things and taking on new challenges is a sign of ambition.


I asked her about one failure she might’ve had in life and her answer was, her lack of time management depending on the relationship level, professionally she is on time but outside her work place is different. Relating to the last question, I asked Vy about what she wants to improve in her life and her response was to connect to herself and others more, because now she is just a little closed-off and communicating her time management as, answering the phone or shooting a text if she might be late.

Since she is from Vietnam, Vy’s proudest achievement is being in the states alone, making it on her own and choosing her own family, which is hard being away from your support system but she is making the best out of new environments and new opportunities. Vy’s lifelong dreams are extraordinary, she would love to shave her head and go to a monastery and be in peace, which others would’ve said something like travel, she dreams to be away from the world and visit once every two weekends and be one with herself, nature and her thoughts.


Two goals that Vy has in life is to destroy capitalism and dismantle white supremacy. As you can see, she is a breath of empowering air and is an amazing person to be around with her creative mind. So without further ado everyone welcome our newest team member VY!