More Works in Progress!

Here are some more pieces students have been working on.  For some participants, this is their first time painting!  #artmatters #investinyouth

MB made this painting of Lil Reese posted up on air in front of a floating city.  He's got super painting skills!

Lil Reese/Acrylic on Masonite/24"x24"/2015

MD made his VERY FIRST painting of a cross floating above two mountains to represent his devotion to his faith.  This image does not do justice to his piece!  When you look at it in person you can see how he experimented with shading and texture.  

Between Two Mountains/Acrylic on Masonite/24"x24"/2015

TM is THE most dedicated student.  He has creative fire inside of him that is going to help him make some amazing things! 

City Below/Acrylic on Masonite/24"x24"/2015