I Like BYA because it’s helpful in lots of ways. It helps me with art, school, looking for other jobs, thinking about college, and keeps me out of trouble. BYA also helps other people in the program with looking for housing, childcare, insurance, transportation, and teaching people how to take care of their babies. I am thankful for all the staff in BYA because they take their time to help us with our needs and wants, pay us, and open us up to many more programs and activities that help us.
— Alexis, 14

Baltimore Youth Arts is an artist-run, after school program that provides artistic and professional opportunities to youth, ages 12-22, with a focus on youth who are involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Our mission is to assist young people in gaining the creative, personal, and educational skills that will enable them to become leaders in their communities. We provide artistic and entrepreneurial opportunities to youth so that they can hone their talents and use them to shape the world.

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